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Explore our treatment tiers and learn about the different lengths and costs of treatment for common orthodontic cases.

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See where you fit on our Smile Scale!

We designed our smile scale to offer orthodontic treatment options to a wide variety of patient needs. From small cosmetic enhancements, to comprehensive treatment to improve the entire health and function of your bite we have a treatment tier that makes sense for you. No matter which tier you fit into you can count on great results and attentive, expert care from Dr. Lee and the rest of our smile team.

A few tweaks
  • Level 1 treatment is for patients with minimal spacing or crowding. If you have worn braces in the past and your teeth have shifted slightly, you are a good candidate for Level 1 treatment.
  • Treatment time:
    2 to 4 months

as low as $2350

Moderate adjustments
  • Level 2 treatment is for patients with mild spacing, crowding, rotated teeth, or a misaligned bite.
  • Treatment time:
    4 to 8 months

as low as $3750

Comprehensive treatment
  • Level 3 treatment is for patients with more significant spacing, crowding, rotations, and a misaligned bite.
  • Treatment time:
    up to 12 months

as low as $4650

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