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The first step is to determine if you prefer an in person appointment or a virtual appoitent with Dr. Lee at Somerville Orthodontics. While we understand that you want to meet us in person (we want to meet you too) we are happy to save both of us a little time by having you request a virtual appointment and snap a few photos for Dr. Lee to review. Before you take time away from your busy schedule we like to provide you with a little more information about what you can expect for your treatment plan. 

Once we have your photos we may request a few more details about you such as information we may need to verify your insurance. We know that insurance can be confusing so we like to take this off of your "to do" list and verify your coverage while Dr. Lee reviews your photos. Dr. Lee will very carefully review your photos so that he is able to provide you details such as the type of treatment that would work best for you and how long you would need this treatment. Of course we will need to take an x-ray at your first in-person appointment to verify that everything is healthy, but we can offer a great deal of information just from your photos. 

Once Dr. Lee has had time to review your photos we will reach back out to review your treatment options and recommendations. Typically this happens within 24 hours of you sending photos, however we are only human and sometimes need a little more time. Once we have these details we will let you know what type of treatment is recommended (braces or invisalign) and how long treatment is expected to take. We can then answer any questions you may have related to your treatment recommendations. 

Once we have answered all of your treatment related questions we can get to the financial details. We would be able to review how much your treatment will cost, how much we estimate that your insurance will cover (no isnurance? don't worry we have extremely flexible financing) and even your down payment and monthly payment options. We will help you find a payment plan that will work with your budget. 

Once we have explained your treatment recommendations, treatment time and financial details we can then help you schedule your first in-person visit. At that visit we will sign your paperwork, collect your down payment, take photos and x-rays (and verify everthing is healthy enough for treatment) and either scan you for invisalign or place your braces. 

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