Three Great Options for Children’s Orthodontic Treatment

May 16, 2023

When most parents come to us seeking orthodontic care for their children and tweens, they think there are two paths - braces and clear aligners. What they don’t realize is that both braces and clear aligners come in many different forms these days AND more importantly they are a tool in an orthodontist’s tool kit - not the be all, end all of orthodontic treatment. 

At Somerville Orthodontics we want parents to understand a little more about the options available so that they feel more educated coming into our practice for a complimentary consult. So, what are these options, you ask? 

Three of our favorites are: Stride Braces, Invisalign Clear Aligners and Traditional Braces. Read more below to understand the merits of each, then contact us to see if your child is a candidate. We can have a thorough discussion and will build a unique treatment plan based on 3D scans of your child’s mouth and jaw and based on our discussion of your needs and goals. 

Stride Braces: Stride Custom Braces are a cutting-edge system that offers faster, more comfortable, and fully customized treatment. With Stride Braces, your child will need fewer visits to the orthodontist, which means less time out of school or work. The brackets are custom-made to fit their teeth, ensuring a more comfortable experience while still improving accuracy in straightening teeth.  And because Stride Custom Braces use advanced digital software and 3-D printing technology, your child's treatment plan will be fully tailored to their unique needs, resulting in superior results. With Stride Custom Braces, we can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile in less time and with greater comfort than ever before.

Invisalign Clear Aligners: By this point, we’re sure you’ve heard of Invisalign. It is an AWESOME orthodontic tool. We start with a 3D scan of your child’s mouth and then use Invisalign’s sophisticated technology, along with the extensive experience of Somerville Orthodontics, to create a unique treatment plan for your child. Invisalgin uses a unique blend of FDA approved safe plastic to gradually move your child’s teeth. We will check in on progress regularly and change out the aligners to ensure a smooth smile journey to your child’s dream smile.  If your child wants a clear look and the comfort of zero brackets, clear aligners are the way to go. Additionally, if you’re concerned about your child’s oral hygiene, clear aligners mean an easier brushing experience throughout treatment. Oh, and don’t worry, the plastic is 100% safe! 

Traditional Metal (or Clear) Braces: Tried and true, many of our parents opt for traditional metal or clear braces for their child. Traditional braces use brackets and wires to guide your child’s teeth into their proscribed locations for optimal bite, oral health and aesthetics. One big advantage of traditional braces over Invisalign clear aligners is that they are bonded to your child’s teeth for the duration of orthodontic treatment. That means no losing them in the lunch room or forgetting to put them on in the morning. If you’re concerned that your child isn’t quite responsible enough yet to keep track of aligners, then traditional braces may be a strong option. 

Regardless of which path we take for your child, you will be cared for by an experienced orthodontist. Somerville Orthodontics has undergone extensive orthodontic training, is Board Certified and has earned the trust of thousands of families in the area. We’ll start with 3D scans to ensure that any treatment is customized and unique for your child and we’ll discuss a full treatment plan after a complimentary consultation. 

We look forward to hearing your questions and meeting both you and your child soon! Click below to book a complimentary consultation. The summer is the best time to start orthodontic treatment! 


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