Can Invisalign or Braces Fix My Tooth Gaps?

November 16, 2022

Millions of people visit their orthodontist to get rid of gaps between their teeth. Tooth gapping is the number one concern for people that visit an orthodontist. Your doctor can straighten your crooked or gapped teeth with the help of Invisalign or braces. Within one year, you can have a brand new, beautiful smile!

Within this post, you will get all of the information you need to understand teeth gapping, and what your doctor and team can do to solve this problem for you.

What is Teeth Gapping?

Diastema is the technical term for gaps between the teeth. It can be between just two teeth, or many more than that. Some patients have gaps between all of their teeth, or between all teeth in a row. Usually, though, we commonly see a gap between the two front teeth, though it can also occur further back in the mouth, such as between molars.

Gapping can be mild or severe. Based on the severity, your doctor can recommend the appropriate treatment method, either braces or Invisalign. Getting treatment for this issue needs to happen as soon as possible. Neglecting this issue can result in a risk to the jaw, tooth decay, and tooth loss. The longer you postpone treatment, the more severe the issue becomes.

Why Do I Have Gaps Between My Teeth?

There are genetic issues that can be the cause of the gapping. If your parents had similar issues as kids, it is not unlikely that you could experience the same issues.

Gapping can also be caused by unhealthy oral habits as a child. As the permanent teeth start to come through, make sure you have your child maintain proper oral health. Constantly sucking the thumb or licking the fingers is a major cause of this condition, so be aware of any of this behavior and try to correct it.

Another common cause is missing teeth. Missing teeth can be the cause of multiple oral health issues, so getting any missing teeth replaced is a priority.

Are Braces the Solution for Filling Gaps Between Teeth?

For more severe conditions, the appropriate treatment is braces. Stride Braces are a technological improvement on regular braces, using 3-D printing and special software to speed up the treatment process. Unlike traditional braces, Stride Braces require less office visits and time, to give you your perfect smile quicker!

What About Invisalign for the Gaps Between My Teeth?

Invisalign is the preferred choice for most patients that have mild to moderate gaps between their teeth. Invisalign is faster, more convenient, more discreet and less uncomfortable than regular braces. 

Using 3-D technology, a complete scan of your mouth is created, allowing your doctor to map a treatment plan, and give you a timeline for your new smile.You will be provided clear aligners that are removable, and regular guidance on your progress.

Does It Sound Like This is For You?

If you’re interested in talking about whether you’re a candidate for Stride Braces or Invisalign click here. We’d be happy to explore this option with you, free of charge.

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